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CiLCA – Portfolio Training

This is a 5 Session Course designed to assist individuals with the tools and confidence to build their CiLCA Portfolio.

Session 1 – 02/03/2021
Session 2 – 29/03/2021
Session 3 – 06/05/2021
Session 4 – 10/06/2021
Session 5 – 06/07/2021
9.30am -1pm with a short break

Please note that it is strongly recommended that clerks have been in post at least 6 months before attending this CiLCA training.

CiLCA should be viewed as ‘the test’ of your knowledge, rather than the learning.  It is therefore advised that officers be in post for approximately 12 months before attempting CiLCA, so they have the experience of the full council year as a foundation for their understanding and portfolio.

CiLCA training comprises of training students in the knowledge of how to complete the qualification. It assists them in building their portfolio and gives guidance and support along the way.

As part of CiLCA 1, we will hold an introductory session. This will include completing a learning agreement to be agreed by the trainer, student and their council.

Prior to attending the course, you will need to fill in a training needs analysis which will help us assess whether you are ready to embark on the course. Ascentis who accredit CiLCA are clear that candidates must not attempt the qualification until they have sufficient knowledge – if it is assessed by us and the candidate that knowledge is still required then relevant training courses can be recommended prior to commencing CiLCA.

Course Content:

CiLCA 1 An introduction to CiLCA

Information about preparation and submission to EMMA (e-portfolio submission tool)

Discussion about word limits and annotations


Tutorial Section 1 – Core Roles


CiLCA 2 Review of completed work from CiLCA 1


Tutorial Section 2 – Law and Procedures


CiLCA 3 Discussion/Queries from CiLCA 2


Tutorial Section 3 – Finance


CiLCA 4 Queries from CiLCA 3


Tutorial Section 4 – Management for Local Councils


Tutorial Section 5 – Community Engagement (part)

CiLCA 5 Queries from CiLCA 4


Tutorial Section 5 – Community Engagement (part)


Final thoughts and discussion about submission

Following CiLCA 5 Informal Catch up session to discuss any concerns or issues with submitting work


Prior to the session you will receive: an invitation to the session and copies of the slides and any other documents required for the session. To book: Please visit our booking site

If you would like to discuss the CiLCA qualification, please contact Lisa Horritt, Training Officer at SPCA and also visit the SLCC Website CiLCA page where you can view information and read the portfolio guide.

*Please note that the course costs do not include the CiLCA registration fee payable to SLCC (£410 from 1st October 2020). If you will be enrolling on to our CiLCA Programme it is very important that you do not register with SLCC until completion of our introductory session.



Mar 02 2021


9:30 am - 1:00 pm


£250 (£300 non affiliated)

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