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About us

Staffordshire was one of the earliest county associations to be established in the country, being founded in 1939 Рprior to outbreak of World War II.  Its aim was to facilitate emergency planning during the War, to enable networking, to lobby for PCs and provide legal and other advice to them.

In 1947 the National Association of Parish Councils (NALC) was founded (following work done by National Council of Social Service in 1934), which has a team of specialist legal, policy and financial advisors.

There are 41  County Associations of Local (parish and town) Councils in England and Wales with some 8,500 parish, town and community councils in membership.

The Association is committed to-

  • Developing real community involvement in local government.
  • Enabling a strong voice for local communities
  • Encouraging professionalism in the local council sector
  • Working in partnership with the voluntary, business and public sectors

The Association provides –

  • legal advice
  • policy advice
  • publications, circulars, regular advisory notes and good practice guides
  • training
  • support for staff, especially clerks

All County Associations provide direct advice to their members with the added advantage of being in a position to put that advice into a local context.

The Association developed a Charter with the County Council (in 1995) which was recognised as a model of good practice by the Government.

The Association promotes:

  • The Local Council Award Scheme.
  • The provision of good quality training for both Councillors and Clerks
  • The setting up of new parish councils.

SPCA and NALC can help parish councils, councillors and clerks on all these matters to enable them to become better equipped to serve the community.