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Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are essential parts of everyday life and as the first tier of local government town and parish councils play a significant role in ensuring communities are more robust, healthier and thriving places to live.

Through the SPCA health and wellbeing project we have collated a number of resources and information sources to support town and parish councils (T/PC) working on the health and wellbeing agenda.

For further discussion on any of the links, materials or resources below please contact:
Andy Wheeler – Health & Wellbeing Project Officer, email:


What Impacts Health

Health is greatly impacted not only by our behaviours but by the environment around us. The wider determinants of health are a diverse range of social, economic and environmental factors which influence people’s mental and physical health. This includes where we live, the local environment, our education, work and social groups. Often these factors are outside of our control yet directly impact on health.

Figure 1: the Dahlgren and Whitehead model of the main determinants of health.

Wider-Determinants image

Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

To support T/PC wanting to address issues around health and wellbeing we have pulled together a toolkit below, consisting of information on funding, training, resources and relevant partner organisations for T/PC to be aware of when considering work on this agenda.


Partner Organisations & Resources

Everyone Health Staffordshire – Everyone wants to be healthy and Everyone Health are here to help make that happen. Commissioned by Staffordshire County Council they offer free programmes proven to have long term benefits. The free 40-74 years health checks are a great example of something T/PC can coordinate in partnership with Everyone Health. For further information please visit their website here

National Association of Local Councils (NALC) – Host a useful health and wellbeing page containing example case studies and links to information for T/PC on H&W matters, visit – Health and wellbeing (

The article on Neighbourhood Planning and Community Health and Wellbeing will be useful for those including H&W within neighbourhood plans.

Network of Wellbeing – Are a Devon based charity that have some really interesting online content to help inspire and inform on wellbeing, see their five ways to wellbeing page for further information. Their Improving Wellbeing in your Community article is also insightful.

Staffordshire County Council Health and Wellbeing Strategy – A useful reference resource when planning potential work to show alignment with the County wide strategy, which funders may favour, visit – SCC Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Staffordshire Observatory – A useful website for gaining data and insight into Staffordshire’s people and places. The resources available on this site will enable the accessing of census data at ward level, as well as a number of other local and county based insights, visit Staffordshire Observatory. Also available is a mapping tool showing information on boundaries and indices of deprivation, among other things.

The Kings Fund – Share publications on community health and wellbeing and have a useful ‘Creating Healthy Places’ publication, derived from the NHS healthy new towns programme. This is a useful resource for those looking to include health and wellbeing within a Neighbourhood Plan, visit – Creating Healthy Places

Thrive at Work – Is a workplace wellbeing commitment with criteria and guidelines on creating a workplace that promotes employee health and wellbeing, focusing on key organisational enablers of health and promoting healthy lifestyles. If you have 5 employees or more and are based in the West Midlands, Thrive can support your organisation through a free wellbeing programme. Further information can be found here – Sign up to Thrive!

Throughout the year and in partnership with The Wellbeing Project, Thrive run a number of free wellbeing related webinars which SPCA members can access.

Together Active Staffordshire – Are an independent charity who use physical activity as a tool to improve the lives of Staffordshire residents. They run a number of initiatives and programmes and would be a useful consultee if considering any physical activity initiatives. They have a helpful blog page and links to further resources around physical activity. Visit their website here


Funding Opportunities

This section details information on funding opportunities that could support the development and delivery of health and wellbeing initiatives.

Active Together Staffordshire – As mentioned in the resources section, ATS also host a useful funding page if planning any significant projects focused on physical activity.

Community Paths Initiative Fund – Looking to improve your local footpath network? Staffordshire County Council run a community paths initiative fund which provides funding for projects to improve or promote countryside access through rights of way. Grants of up to £2,000 are available, with the Community Paths Initiative match funding up to 50% of the total costs. Further details can be found here

Support Staffordshire – As well as providing a host of information, support and training to the voluntary sector, SS have a useful funding page detailing various funding opportunities, some of which will be relevant for health and wellbeing initiatives.

Sport England – coordinate a few different funding streams with some encompassing broader themes of movement and physical activity. Visit their funding page here

The Community Foundation – Host a number of funding streams for Staffordshire based organisations, certain stipulations will apply dependant on the funder and some will be relevant for specific wellbeing initiatives. The Community Foundation

UKSPF – South Staffordshire is one area benefiting from UK Shared Prosperity Funding and T/PC within South Staffordshire are eligible to apply. Certain health and wellbeing related work and projects will fall within the funding criteria. Further details can be found here – UKSPF Residual Fund | South Staffordshire District Council (



Making Every Content Count – MECC training is designed to support learners to use their public facing roles to improve population health and wellbeing. Further information and how to book on to the free half day ‘MECC lite’ training can be found here

Five Ways to Wellbeing eLearning – Although predominantly focused towards health professionals, similar to MECC mentioned above, this training is designed to support learning on engaging with clients/ patients/ service users about the things they can do to help improve and maintain good health. To access this free module click here


Further Information

The SPCA Health and Wellbeing Project was launched in partnership with Staffordshire County Council, who recognise the strong leadership role town and parish councils can have in influencing population health. The project aims to champion the health and wellbeing agenda with our member T/PC and provide support to those working on this topic.

If your T/PC is enthused by improving the health and wellbeing of your local community please do get in touch with the project officer to share your thoughts, ideas and discuss opportunities, as we may be able to support with your endeavours.

Contact: Andy Wheeler – Health and Wellbeing Project Officer, email: